Okay, I have definitely found my new all time favorite Author.. Scott Westerfeld.   He wrote a lot of books, but my favorite books of him is the Uglies series.

The books are very good! The series start with Uglies. This book starts many centuries from now, where Tally Youngblood ( Main Character ) just wanted to become a new pretty since she was a littlie. She lives in a city where it is divided in to many parts. A very Organized city.  Her best friend Peris’s birthday is a couple months before hers, so he goes through the operation to become a pretty before her. The operation happens the day when you turn sixteen.  The operation is a surgery which makes you super model gorgeous.  So everyone in new pretty town is beyond beautiful, perfect skin, length, everything, just perfect. When Peris became pretty she was stuck in Ugly Town.. becoming the worst Ugly, She started doing tricks. Then she met Shay, Her all the sudden new best friend. They sneaked out of town  and a few weeks before their sweet 16, Shay ran away to the smoke, a hidden place away from the city and its cruelty. The day of Tally’s Birthday she found out by the unknown Special Circumstances that Tally can’t turn pretty unless she betrays Shay. So she does.. Which leads to a lot of drama and hurting people. After she destroys the Smoke.. She becomes a pretty to help cure herself.. but ends up doing it by herself, also in the book “pretties” She meets a new love. She becomes part of the crims. And gives her new love brain damage. She escapes to the new smoke to help Zane (her new boyfriend) but ends up destroying it too. But mostly everyone gets away and she discovered that Shay had become a special, Special Circumstances and forces Tally to become one too. Which leads to the book “Specials”. This book Tally is still super gorgeous but with a bit scariness between all the pretty. But this is where she tries saves Zane.. from Shakiness.. So she tries to get Shay and do whatever they can to get them to the new and improve Smoke to get Zane all better and to become a Special. But leads to a long journey and a bit sneaky, were Shay and Tally to destroy most of her cities own Armory. That made a small war between Diego ( A city which brought the smokies to them, a city wihout nano’s, and only people to be themselves and what they want to be) and Tally’s own city. But Dr.Cable ( Special Circumstances leader) had other plans. But after Tally cured herself once again from being part of the clique ‘cutters’ and saved Diego, destroyed Dr.Cable, and was the last Special.And some Zane dead. So she goes to the Rusty Ruins and meets David, were they go in the hidden world to save the rest of the cities and population from getting out of hand.

That’s it for now.. But I love the series! Hehe. I hope that  made a summary of the series, but people have to read it. Hope you enjoyed. I will keep updated with the last book ‘Extras’ which is part of the series but 3 years apart and a it different, Tally still plays in it thou.

Thats it for now.

Later, 🙂


Another week is over from school..  YES! ahaha, But I am very happy, because all the high-school kids in our school gets a long weekend! 🙂 Which is awesome, after this week we need it! Had two tests this week, but they are all done now and we had picture day too. Next week is going to be pretty awesome, we have no school Monday 🙂 and the Thursday we have a dance.  (Hopefully No Tests!)

My favorite two classes so far is Math and Gym. I like them both, because they are kind of fun and also because for some reason this year I like Math. I kind of like Home Ec.  But we cook and I don’t really like the book work that much. 🙂

Well thats all for now, I’ll keep up.

Later, 🙂

Another day…

Another day.. Another Yawn..  :0

Today was kind of tiring, we played football in gym (flag football that is). I found football  kind of tiring and a bit confusing at first then I actually started having fun.  It was kind of funny because lately we had a lot of rain and the field we played on was kind of muddy, so some kids in our class slipped and fell in the mud.  Lately I have been playing a lot of sports and stuff which I’m not really use to. It’s exercise. But I am now.

To me, it feels like school is just becoming longer and longer. Mostly I’m so busy with school, homework, volleyball, and stuff that I don’t really have much time for anything else.  But I’m Okay with that. But, I like school and sports so it isn’t that bad.. at all.  I will play a sport 24/7 if I could, But we only have volleyball twice a week which sucks, and since we live in such a small town there isn’t much sports to do. I like all kind of sports, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and I love learning new sports too!  I have only been playing volleyball for 2 years, and I am learning more about it everyday, I just love it! aha.

I also like reading! At the moment I am reading a series called Uglies, I am on the third book right now, and I think there is two more to go, maybe 1 I am not sure, lol. You guys should consider reading them, they are like a fantasy world.. or just really futuristic. It is pretty cool, But thats for another post.

Well, keep reading and I would keep posting ! I am going to go do something now, hope you guys enjoy and i’ll be updated soon, so peace Y’all.

Later.. 🙂

Why Helloo There..

Hey.. I am back for another year at blogging! Sad thing is that this time I am doing it on my own. 😦 Which means that I am now officially in High-school and no longer in Mr.Fishers’s class, so no more blogging with my class-mates for me, which is of course very sad.

Many People told me that High-School is going to be fairly hard, well, some what hard, but it isn’t. To me, it is more long and tiring. The work is not that hard, but the classes are longer and we don’t have much of a recess. We don’t get outside and have about nothing to do. We do as much things as possible, but still have a bit homework, that we didn’t have last year. We have been in school for about 2 weeks almost and already a test coming up. So busy.. busy.. busy..

Summer. It feels to my like summer went by fast. Which I don’t like and now it’s just cold weather, which sucks because I still want summer.  Though, I had a great summer! I did so much, went quadding, golfing, swimming, Fishing, and lots more. My favorite things were hanging out with my friends and playing volleyball with them at the beach or going for bike rides or walks.

Goals.  So I have some goals that would help me through the next few years. First, to try update my blog for the next years till my high-school career ends, which is going to be a bit hard. Also to get really good marks.. so good that I might even get exemptions again. One thing is that my first goal is going to be hard because I don’t do blogging in school, so I am going to have to do it in my own time. Which will be a little bit hard.

I don’t really know why I am starting my blog again, I guess because some of friends are starting it and now I am  kind of missing blogging.  I will try keep up as most as possibly, but can’t promise anything. I got to go now, because I have to study for a test tomorrow and have volleyball tonight.. so later. 🙂

Themes – Novel study week 4

What is themes? I didn’t really know what my themes in my book was till a while back. But then I remember the themes we had in our last novel study. Themes is like what is happening and things that had happen and how they have added up. Like in my book there is a lot of themes, friendship, relationship, family, fear, bullying, Loyalty, belonging, and etc. These are the ones that mostly come up in my book. Other could be Love, honesty, bullying, and etc.

So what we we’re told to do this week is concentrate on two of them but I am going to concentrate on what I think is the 3 most important in my book Loyalty, fear, and relationships.

Fear and friendship kind of goes with each other. Well in a way they all go with each other into one big theme that makes the book, the way the book is supposed to be.

Fear, Because that is one of the main ones in my opinion, because Camilia is getting stalked, she gets letter, and creepy pictures of her, and this is what scares her in the book. She has a fear of this person who does this to her. She didn’t really know if it was a joke or not in the beginning but it did in the end, when she found out that the guy was her ex-boyfriend and wanted to be with Camilia forever, and the only way he could have done that is if he had kidnapped her. This is what kind of brings friendship and trust into the book as themes. She trusted him since they became good friends, but now he had really hurt her. He threatened her and also scared her very badly. But she knew that Ben wouldn’t have done something to her, everybody told her to stay away from him and not to trust him but she knew that she could. Her instinct was right.  This is kind of how fear and loyalty goes together, by Camilia trusting and being loyal to a person that she might fear, but she doesn’t know that. I think fear in some books is a big theme, because it brings something interesting into the book.

There is a lot of friendship and family based theme in the book. And this is also were a lot of loyalty comes in. Camilia has a lot of problems with her friends, since the whole book is really based on her and all her friends. Camilia cares a lot about her friends, her best friend is probably Kimmie. Kimmie goes through what Camilia goes through… You know what I mean? Like they stick together in mostly everything. Kimmie helps Camilia in her troubled times, though at the moment Camilia doesn’t really help back.  The book explains a lot how Kimmie and Camilia have their relationship. They understand each other and know each other very well, but in the end they kind of lose their friendship for a bit, because of the trusting and loyalty part. But they regain it in the end. I know this theme is really important in the book, because it comes up a lot. In the beginning after when Ben “touched” Camilia, Kimmie was the first person to know how Camilia really felt about him. And in all  the scary moments and about the letters and stuff, Kimmie was the first person to know.  Camilia also gains a lot in her relationship between her and Ben. In the beginning of the book , Camilia didn’t even know him, ways into the book she started trusting him and being loyal to him. And all through the book she just has a very strong feeling about him. In the end when they are finally with each other, he leaves. They both didn’t want to be he did, Ben didn’t want to hurt Camilia with his “Powers”. But leaving hurt her more, both of them more. Ben saved Camilia’s life twice and I think that had brought them even closer, they hung out a lot and they trusted each other. I sometimes think that Camilia trusted Ben more than Kimmie.

Now, the relationship between Camilia and her parents aren’t very good. Camilia is too scared to tell her parents her problems, because they have problems of their own. But I think any parent can set their problems aside, just to help their own kid with his/her problems. I bet Camilia wouldn’t have been kidnapped if she had told her parents. I guess she was kind of afraid to tell her parents. But she didn’t want to disturb them either. They also did kind of neglect Camilia in the last bit, being busy with work, Camilia’s mom, and Camilia’s Auntie in the Hospital. But they could have set time aside for Camilia, don’t you think? Camilia’s relationship wasn’t very good with her parents at that moment. But in the end it was better after they found Camilia and talked to her about the situation.

How do I know this is a theme?

The thing is I don’t know, this is what I think is themes in my book, Why? Because It comes up a lot in my book, these things are mentioned a lot, there are many examples in the book, and they seem important. Isn’t this what makes a theme? being important? It is like they are in different categories, but they are splattered all over the book. Making you put the pieces together to understand the book and also making it easier for the book to understand. I think the author had it this way . First, to make the book a mystery. Second, to make the book a story. And third, to build conflict of off.  I don’t think a book could tell a story with out themes in it, can you? Well if you could it would be hard.  I think the authors message in the book is to trust your instinct, and you can’t just trust anyone, and also the biggest fear, is knowing your scared yourself.

What do you think are themes? How could you give if examples of themes? What is your opinion of the way I think themes are?

Authors craft…

This weeks blog post is about the authors craft. Author’s craft is like the art in the book. Is all the feeling, emotions, understanding, vocabulary, voice, words, etc. So like the choices that the author makes in a book, that makes the book good.

The Author in my book, Laurie Stolarz have written the book very well, she makes the reader wonder about what they are reading. I really like the novel, it seems obvious at the beginning but later when you put piece by piece together what you thought you have been right about was all wrong. The book is confusing at first but about three-quarters of a way in the book it is really starting to make sense. 2 Things I know for sure now. 1.) Ben is not her secret admirer. 2.) The secret admirer/ creeper, must be a good friend of Camilia.

The Author has a LOT in the book that makes it good. She has very good descriptions of stuff. She makes the book a little scary, exciting, happy, sad, and intense. There are a lot of conflict coming up and I think the author meant to have it that way. Laurie uses a lot of meaningful words and good quotes in the book. It gives good detail. She tells a lot about how people feel and makes it realistic to me. She describes what Camilia is like very well and also in an interesting way. Not so much for Mr. Anonymous. He might have been mentioned in the book but I think the Author gives hints but tries to keep it a big secret. I like how she doesn’t really describe the people very well. I know that Camilia is very pretty, but I only kind of made hints about it, for example how a lot of people like her, meaning she is also pretty and smart. she is also artistic and organized. Ben is smart, shy, and likes to keep things to himself but it hurt him doing that, he is also attractive but scary. I like how the author gives these kinds of hints in the book and in the end when a person puts piece by piece together, you will know more of the person by the hints!  My novel has a lot of character and is interesting in a well written way and I think that is exactly how the author meant it to be!

In our blog post this week we had to have a piece out of our book that we like, the piece I picked is kind weird but to me it makes sense. You have to read the book to know.

” She just won’t listen. And so I’ve started a plan. I just hope she appreciates all my efforts-all my work to make her happy. Once and for all.”

This is a really short chapter almost at the end of the book. It is a Chapter, this is what Camilia’s Mr. Anonymous had written, There are about 4 chapters that he had in the book, but they are really small and is kind of giving hints.  This piece I think is a hint to something really big going to happen at the end of the book. That is what kind of leads a hint. The other pieces that the creeper writes are almost like this. He left no clue who he is, Just that he is so careful with Camilia and that he kind of cares about her in a way no one has. I also think this piece is very strong, he leaves a lot of feeling in this piece. It is like he is showing some of himself as a person, but not really at all. The author wrote this piece very well, at least that is what I think. She describes this character in an extremely different way. I don’t really have a bad piece of writing out of the book, there are a lot of boring parts in the book but it is still written very well.  What makes it so boring ( what I think ) is when an author takes a while to describe something. I am reading a new book called “China Garden.” I find it really good, but the author has a lot to describe. This is one thing that I don’t like very much, I like some description in a book, but too much ruins it. I like a book to give enough information to have an image. But also so that the image can make you wonder a bit. I don’t like when an author gives too good of a description and the description shouldn’t be forever long either.

What makes a good book to you?

For me? I don’t really know. I guess it should be something exciting, and it should definitely make me think. I like mystery books a lot. I find that authors usually have good pieces of writing in them. Sometimes in Fantasy books too. They have a lot of description and authors can’t tell too much because they have to make you think.  I think what makes a good book is just how the author writes it.  There has to be a lot of feeling, but sometime it has to leave you confused. So it would make you want to read the rest of the book.  I also think a book should be Intense, mysteries, and NOT forever long.  Some people might not think that what I think is good in a book is good for them. I don’t like boring books. I don’t like getting bored very easily either. I like books that are exciting and mysteries. But some people might think that, that it is boring to them.  Some people might like to have a good picture or description, me? not so much. I like to wonder about a book. I like it when a book makes me think. Things that are important to me in a book aren’t necessarily to others.

The author has a lot of descriptive and interesting choice of words. It is like I know Camilia, you could kind of guess what is happening in the book from Camilia’s side. You slowly attract her feelings and learn and respect her more. But the only 2 characters that, that happens to in a book is Camilia and Ben. I now know that Ben is nice, respective, and whatever he has done wrong didn’t mean too at all.  The author brings a lot of picture to your mind about where they are and what they do. She has well descriptions of the back grounds and their surroundings, but that is about it. She describes the Characters more of what they are like then they look like. Laurie Stolarz also uses a good choice of voice, in her book it doesn’t seem like she wrote the book, it seems like she put her mind as Camilia. Like the book was written by Camilia. It doesn’t seem like their writing changes at all. Only when Mr.Anonymous writes a piece. he writes more furiously, mad like person. Who ALWAYS gets what he wants. But I like how the book has been written so far, it is getting to a really intense part right now. I think the ending will be really good!

Characters and conflict!?

Our week two for our independent novel study must be about the characters and the conflict that is happening in the novel. Characters and conflict is the happening in a book, it is like fighting, arguing and disagreeing, between people, themselves, nature, and themselves.

My book at the moment is really starting to get interesting but it is so hard to figure things out at this point. There is more of Camilia’s creeper/admirer showing up, he seems more different now and I think my predictions in my previous post was wrong! I think It was her boss, Spencer. I now know for sure that it wasn’t Ben. He is trying to help her with something, and he is really starting to become more interesting. He is hiding something from Camilia, but I think she will get it out of him sooner or later. The book is kind of slow at the moment but I think the author meant to make it like that. It makes a person want to know more about what is going to happen in the end. The book at the moment is more from two peoples point of view, but the second guy (anonymous) is telling his point of view of Camilia and what she has become. Camilia’s point of view shows her friends, family, and sometimes other people too.

There has been a lot of conflict in the book. More people vs. people conflict and sometime Camilia vs. herself. A lot of people have been telling Camilia to stay away from Ben because he is a so-called “murderer,” which I think is not true. People don’t know Ben the way Camilia does. Ben is opened with her and he also trusts her. I thought in the beginning there was some conflict between Ben and Camilia but now I know why. He use to grab her and hurt her, but now I know the reason why. Ben is psychometric, the ability to sense things through touch. When he touched Camilia his mind went away and he couldn’t help himself hurting her because of his power. He tried in the beginning but couldn’t help himself. That is what made Kimmie concerned, There is a couple of times that Kimmie and Camilia got into arguments about Ben and then there were times were Camilia and her ex boyfriend, Matt kind of got into arguments with Camilia. Matt doesn’t trust Ben. And he is trying to stop her from talking to him. But that is kind of hard since they are Chemistry partners. In the beginning of the novel there weren’t much conflict, only between Ben and Camilia. When Ben was hurting Camilia and being all psychometric. But that started changing after time. He still hurt her, the only people who cared was her friends, she didn’t. Then conflict continued with the creepy picture and stuff Camilia has been getting.That was more Camlilia arguing with herself. Then the conflict with Mr.anonymous, he has been having arguments and threats to himself and how he is getting mad at Camilia because apparently she is wanting attention for guys ( Not true ) but that is what he thinks. He has his own rude opinions, and he is going to try to change Camilia because he has a plan. I think the plan is going to have the biggest conflict in the book. I think that is going to be the Climax and then suddenly there will be a solution for everything. There will be answers to all the unanswered questions.  The conflict right now is more external than internal. With both Camilia and Mr.Anymous. In the beginning of the book it started more with external conflict than internal, with Ben hurting Camilia and not knowing what people were thinking. In the beginning of the book it was more telling about people who expressing feeling, there was some but now there is a lot more. Camilia has become more selfish caring about herself and her mom, not much about her friends and tell much about them. Anymous has become more caring for Camilia, he thinks he knows what is right for her, I don’t think so.

The only characters that I dislike is Camilia’s parents and Mr.Anymous. Her parents don’t talk much to Camilia and Camilia’s often says something about her parents, but stuff that makes her worry and then she is not able to tell her parents about the weird stuff that has been happening. Like they don’t even really care. I don’t like Mr.Anymous because he is just creeping on Camilia and rude the way he talks about Camilia in the book. But I guess that would just make it a good ending. I think it will because there is a lot happening but it is hard and confusing. For al that I know Mr.Anymous could not be one of the characters that Camilia has mentioned, It might be someone who we haven’t learned much about. But that Is what I think will give it a really good or boring ending.

The author gives more about what the character are like then what they look like. The author give some description of what they look like but not much at all, here and there it would be really quick if there was a description of what they looked like. The author talk more about feeling and opinions on the characters than anything else. I like this idea better because this is what makes a book good.

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